Start your online business, make sales daily, and automate your processes.

Hey there, powerhouse! You, the woman entrepreneur with fire in her eyes and a dream that just won’t quit – I see you. You’re not just in the game; you’re here to change it.

My coaching program? It’s your secret weapon. Think less fluff, more action.

Here, we dive deep into marketing magic and tech automation, turning your online business into a well-oiled machine that practically runs itself.

We’re talking about freeing up your time, so you can focus on what you do best: inspiring change and making a real impact.

This is about building a legacy that lights you up and delivers value that keeps clients coming back for more.

If your heart’s been screaming for a change, something that truly understands and amplifies your strengths, welcome home.

Dive in with me.

Let’s turn that spark into a wildfire, with the expertise to back it up. Your next chapter starts now, and it’s brighter than you ever imagined.

Hey there

I’m Daphne, a homeschool mom, wife, business coach, web developer, course creator, and self-proclaimed nerd!

Hey there! Consider me your dedicated partner, your no-BS guide in the crazy world of marketing and tech overwhelm. Let’s say goodbye to boring coaching programs and outdated selling methods and fire up your business with strategies that totally reflect YOU and tech that operates like a charm.

Designed With You In Mind

What I Offer

1:1 Coaching

Are you a mom juggling homeschooling and running your own business? My one-on-one coaching is designed just for you. I understand the unique challenges you face and will work with you to create a balanced, successful approach to managing both. With personalized support and actionable strategies, we’ll tackle your biggest challenges together and help you achieve your business goals without compromising your family’s needs.


Looking for self-paced learning? My courses offer comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons that fit into your busy schedule. Whether you’re looking to master marketing, streamline your business operations, or learn effective time management, these courses provide the tools and knowledge you need to thrive. Designed with the busy mom entrepreneur in mind, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical skills to boost your business and manage your time effectively.

Tech & Automation

Tech doesn’t have to be hard. Using the right systems and processes, we can transform your business from clunky and inefficient into a well-oiled freedom machine that works while you sleep. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach with our done-with-you services or want to leave it to the experts with our agency services, we’ll set up and optimize your tech to attract your dream clients and make sales simple and hassle-free—without posting 24/7 on social media or jumping on discovery calls.

What I Do

One-on-One Coaching, Marketing Courses, Tech & Automation

One-on-One Coaching


I love helping my clients create the business of their dreams. Not the pie-in-the-sky business that many see on social media, but real businesses that support real families, empowering moms to work from home and build a legacy that makes a lasting impact. I specialize in digital marketing using tech and automation strategies to streamline your business and make your business fun and easy!

Marketing | Tech & Automation

Tech & Automation

Tech doesn’t have to be hard. Using the right systems and processes we can transform your business from clunky and inefficient, into a well-oiled freedom machine that works while you sleep. Attracting your dream clients and making sales simple and hassle-free, without posting 24/7 on social media or jumping on discovery calls.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

What happens during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your current business challenges, goals, and what you hope to achieve through coaching. This is a chance for me to understand your unique situation and for you to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

How is the coaching plan created?

Based on our consultation, I’ll develop a customized coaching plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline the steps we’ll take to address your challenges, implement effective strategies, and achieve your goals.

What do the coaching sessions involve?

You’ll receive two coaching calls per month where we’ll dive deep into your business. We’ll review your content, develop strategies to boost sales and efficiency, and implement tech and automation as needed. These sessions are designed to give you clear, actionable steps to achieve your goals.

How will I implement the strategies discussed in coaching?

I’ll guide you through the implementation process, providing support and resources as needed. Whether it’s refining your marketing strategy, setting up tech systems, or balancing your business and homeschooling, you’ll have my support every step of the way. I gotchu, girl!

How do we measure progress and success?

We’ll regularly evaluate your progress to ensure you’re moving towards your goals. We’ll celebrate your wins, identify areas for improvement, and continually adapt our approach to help you grow and succeed.

"You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

Zig Ziglar

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Mark Twain

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Arthur Ashe

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James


Create Your Framework for a Thriving Business While Homeschooling


What People Are Saying

Before working with Daphne, I was unclear about where to focus my marketing efforts. But she’s personable and knowledgeable, and immediately put me at ease, suggesting marketing strategies to help me reach my short-term and long-term goals. I highly recommend her coaching if you need guidance on how to market your business!

Bethany Castellanos

CreativeNoodl. com

Working with Daphne was so incredibly helpful! At the beginning of our session, I wasn’t even sure of what I needed or wanted. She helped direct and guide me towards tangible goals and provided me with clear steps on how to build my business. Daphne is a great listener and cares about seeing you reach your full potential. I definitely recommend working with her if you are interested in taking your business to the next level!

Christina Chambers Carpenter

Bloom and Blossom

Ready to finally have some real support growing your business?