October 19, 2022

Episode 3:

Creating Boundaries in Business with Meghan DeVito

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How do successful women in business “do it all?” Do some homeschool moms possess superpowers you don’t know about? Are they uniquely gifted in ways you are not? How do they seem to accomplish so much while others struggle to get one thing done?

Meghan Devito, life coach and podcast, guest talks about creating boundaries in business and at home. As a former workaholic in constant hustle mode, Meghan shares how moms in business can create boundaries with tech, social media, and in our professional relationships. Meghan teaches women how to live well by starving distractions and building boundaries in the home, life, and business.

Tech addiction is a big struggle for modern business owners. The feeling that you always have to be available or “on” so that you can grow your business is very real. Factor in homeschooling which can be isolating for some, and you have a recipe for burnout. 

Learn how you can create healthy boundaries in your business so that you can actually accomplish more in your day and still have time for your family and yourself!


Meghan DeVito is passionate about helping women build the life they desire by living from a place of rest, joy, and alignment. She has 20 years of leadership experience developing people to live their life to the fullest potential! Meghan helps to facilitate self-growth by helping people identify boundaries and the core challenges in their life so that they can overcome them with confidence.  You can find Meghan @ www.meghandevito.com

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